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Bijou Events Stationery

Bijou invitation suites are a work of art tailored to your unique taste and event aesthetics that will complement your special day. These elegant bespoke art pieces are crafted in shimmering washes of watercolor that will become treasured keepsakes, reminding you and your loved ones of your event that you’ll cherish forever.


Bijou Events Stationery is a mother / daughter team of watercolor artists. Amber is a full-time artist and is a published children’s book illustrator & author.  Lori handles the printing, graphic design and creates the washes. Amber completes the package with all the custom hand painted graphics -

it's a perfect combination!

Every piece is hand painted, not painted and then copied.

Please reach out for a custom quote. 

Bi-jou [bēˈZHo͞o]

1: A small dainty ornamental jewel.

2: Something delicate, elegant, or highly prized.

White Rock Canyon

"A Vibrant Summer Wedding"

Featured in Orange Blossom Bride

see it here

Gemstone paint used;

A Bridgerton Inspired Wedding


Gemstone paint used;

Chicago Waldorf Astoria

"Vibrant Non-Traditional"

Featured in Lakeshore In Love

see it here

Gemstone paints used;

  • Lapis Lazuli

  • Turquoise 

  • Jadeite

  • Rhodonite

  • Amethyst

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